Copydbwoy Presents 022: Japanese Grime Guest Mix & Interview by Prettybwoy & MC Pakin (2013/12/04)

01. DVA – Chilli Burrito
02. Dellity – Trop Timide
03. Parker – Palace
04. Major Grave – Chance
05. Kakarot – Lagos VIP
06. Prettybwoy – Humid
07. Shriekin’ Specialist – Red Beach(Cleaner Mix)
08. Trends – New Generation
09. Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Shriekin’ Specialist Bootleg)
10. Rabit – Much Beef
11. Prettybwoy – Talk Dat inst
12. Bakongo – Branches
13. DJ Haus – Addicted To Houz
14. Kodiak – Egyptian Kings
15. Prettybwoy – Prototype01
16. Goth-Trad – Sublimation
17. Shriekin’ Specialist – Stark
18. Kakarot – Surulere
19. Rabit – Satellite
20. Major Grave – Loving You
21. Prettybwoy – Kongou Koku
22. Murlo – Velvet Wall (Slackk Remix)
23. Mumdance & Logos – In Reverse P I V
24. Untitled – Unknown (Secret Dubplate)

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Copydbwoy: Please introduce yourself.
Prettybwoy: I’m 33 years old DJ & producer. My real name is Nobuto, DJ-name is Prettybwoy. I’m from Tokyo, Japan.
Copydbwoy: My favorite question. What’s the story behind your nickname?
Prettybwoy: Haha! Japanese girl loving to say ‘Kawaii’, which means ‘Pretty’. I think, it’s a catchy name for Japanese
Copydbwoy: That’s awesome. Your name talks for itself, you are pretty young man, no homo.
Copydbwoy: Tell about mix you’ve done for my podcast. Where from did you get those tracks from?
Prettybwoy: Got some promos and dubplates to put in the mix so I used them in collaboration with MC Pakin who hosted this & dropped some bars in this mix.
Copydbwoy: How long do you produce/DJ?
Prettybwoy: As DJ I played for the first time in 2006. I’m making beats for three years, started in 2011.
Copydbwoy: What are your general musical roots?
Prettybwoy: 90′s Hip-Hop and R&B, 00′s 2step garage which I used to listen in my school days.
Copydbwoy: How it happened so you came to grime?
Prettybwoy: I like aggressive sound in UK garage. Dark garage and grime vibes.
Copydbwoy: Tell a bit about your production process.
Prettybwoy: In many cases, I basically make it from kick and snere. When a good beat is done I’m switching on further production when idea comes to me.
Copydbwoy: What kind of equipment do you use?
Prettybwoy: I use FLstudio. Laptop only.
Copydbwoy: That’s wicked! You need almost nothing to do big things these days. That’s where basic, grime idea came from. Do beats on whatever equipment you’ve got.
Copydbwoy: Tell about your influences, fav producers, DJ’s, radio stations.
Prettybwoy: DJ EZ’s show on Kiss FM. By the way, he played my music on the radio show.
Copydbwoy: That’s big!
Copydbwoy: Tell about your production and releases.
Prettybwoy: ‘Kissin U’ was released through ‘Grime 2.0 V.A’ on Big Dada. ‘The Unseen’ was on Japanese Mad Scientist V.A released by Bassindope Japan.
Copydbwoy: That sounds descent.
Copydbwoy: Tell about your goals and plans.
Prettybwoy: I think bandcamp releases. maybe, new EP is out next month.
Copydbwoy: Tell us producing tip that could help young producers.
Prettybwoy: I’m still a new comer. It’s important to continue doing what you do until it reaches the right person.
Copybwoy: Thank’s for the write up and your guest mix. I’m looking forward to hear & promote more Japanese grime. Regards!
Prettybwoy & MC Pakin: Thank you.

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