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Jammin Talks Lord Of The Mics 5, Big H vs P Money & More

Jammin discusses some of the clashes on Lord of the Mics 5 as well as his views on Big H vs P Money on Lord Of The Mics 6 with him really giving his candid views on Grim Slickers vs Grimmy, Realz vs Proton, Maxsta vs Lil Nasty as well as his Lord Of The Mics 4 opponent Clipson and his forthcoming mixtape ‘Just Jammin’.

Big H signs #LOTM6 contracts & collects money in cash & talks about P Money

P Money & Big H sign there contracts for Lord Of The Mics 6 this will be a legendary clash that will go down in history of the lord of the mics episodes

P Money Signs LOTM6 Contract But Where Was Big H!!

次回Lord Of The MicsでP Money vs Big Hのクラッシュが遂に実現!


LOTM5での対戦相手Lil Nasty(N.A.S.T.Yクルー)へ向けた超WickedなWarDub!!

M.I.K – Donny Don Remix EP

1年半前に作ったQuick Remixがロンドンの雄Family Treeクルーの”ドン”M.I.Kに気に入ってもらえたみたいでRemix EPに収録されました!詳しくはコチラ